Where to find a Good Counsellor and Psychotherapist

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It is difficult enough knowing the way to get help and support for emotional health and emotional issues, but once you do you may be overwhelmed at the plethora of therapists offering their services. In the first instance you could try talking things through with your doctor or someone you can trust.

You may feel you do not want to access psychological services through your General Specialist for a variety of reasons such as; having info on your medical data. You may consider employing the services of a private medical specialist.

An ‘informed’ doctor should signpost you to the British Association of Coaching and Psychotherapy, The United Kingdom of Counselling and Psychotherapy or The British Association of Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapists for more information. Yet , you could search the web placing key words into the search engine, but this may generate a long set of therapists who might be marketing savvy, but not necessarily qualified or registered.

Ensure the counsellor is fully qualified and registered with a counselling north carlton, working to their ethical framework, code of conduct and complaints process. Your Therapist should have insurance, ‘enhanced disclosure’ and evidence of their total annual ‘continuing professional development’, which is a mandatory aspect of professional practice being scientific supervision.

For example; they ought to undertake a minimum of; one and a half hours direction for each and every eight hours coaching they give to their clients and should tell you who their Supervisor is. Typically a Counsellor or psychotherapists would only undertake several sessions of counselling in different one day to be compliant with best practice policy and procedure credited to the powerful nature of the work.

Any time seeking a counsellor you should think about the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy website and consider the most suitable therapist to work with you and your presenting issues. You may take other factors into account such as; distance, cost, availability and other practicalities.

Your therapist should have their qualifications and portfolio available so that you can view and you should have a clear understanding of what they are offering and what model of guidance or psychotherapy is available. You may want to see testimonials or feedback from other people but keep in mind the privacy factors involved with this, and be aware that these could simply be marketing tools.

In this field of work it is difficult to get advice due to the stigma, which can exist in mental health. Clients might not want to openly discuss their personal experience of counselling due to the nature of the task as they will ‘self disclose’ by default.