The Basic principle of silicone

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Chemistry equals silicone. Quite often its used to seal things against water, for example in the bathroom shower, where you find silicone for sure, because its liquid resistant. It is used in a widely array of hair goods, like conditioner or shampoos .

The Positives of silicon’s!
Since we say silicone has negative effects in the hair care, which we do in detail later, why manufactures use silicons in there hair care products?

Silicone provide slip and shine, it can help to make the hair straight straighten and smooth the hair as well make the hair glow great. Great effects of silicone polymer in the haircare goods are there as well, starting with the reality that silicone polymer can really make hair that is dry and damaged look and feel like it’s healthy by filling in some porosity.

Silicone polymer defends the hair from external environmental factors, by “water proofing” each hair strand.

The harmful side of the silicone in our hair care products!!!

Silicone feel equal to plastic or rubber. It is often used as a seal against water and also air. Its a chemical substance which can damage the hair. The positive effects are only a chemical illusion, unreal and not what we like to reach.

will put more weight on the hair so that the hair appears lifeless. It prevents humidity from penetrating the hair shaft and becomes like a magnet for dirt and other ingredients. So over the time it will dry the hair and make it frizz and will finally break it. The silicone polymer layer keep off essential vitamins getting into the hair.

Particularly for curly hair silicone polymer is really negative, which is because curly hair is dry. On curly hair the silicons are producing more damage and are harder to remove. The additional weight which is added through the silicone damage the curly hair even more in the long run.

Having problems with the hair, consumer tend to wash and style it even more. That leads to extra damage, meaning these materials are not helping to improve the condition of your hair.
Cycle of damage can this called.

How you are able to find silicons in hair products.
Silicone polymer in hair products have a huge variation. Some are water soluble and others not,but I recommend not using any type of silicons. I also heard the term “silly-cones” for them.

Silicons for excampl Cyclomethicone Amodimethicone or Cyclopentasiloxane… and the list goes on.. How do you find a silicone free haircare product

A little research before you purchase anything for yourself. Always check the ingredients of the haircare products. Do never thrust what the commercial tells you.

Silicone polymer Alternatives

New materials like OFPMA, which is a product, which has been proven great results on the hair without having the bad results of the silicone. This material controls the moisture vapor flux, which results in less frizz and your hairstyle lasts longer.

The best are silicone free hair shampoos and conditioner which are containing only natural ingredients.