How To Keep Your Golf Game In Shape In the winter.

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Within winter it can be quite a challenge to keep your golf game ticking over. A lot of us just pack the clubs away into the garage and wait until spring to get them out there again. Then our company is confronted with a month or so of very “rusty” golf until we begin to click and get in the golfing groove again.

A few golfers are lucky. They will are in mild climates where they and can play comfortably all winter. Nevertheless a great percentage of us are in areas where the weather conditions are against us. Rain, frost or snow can make it very uncomfortable to play or even close the courses. In very cold climates it is not uncommon for the driving ranges to close too.

Firstly, there are an ever growing amount of indoor golf facilities. The majority of these now use excellent simulators aided by the huge leap in computing power that is now available. The simulators are excellent for either playing real (virtual) courses, or training on simulated golf ranges. Yet , indoor facilities are still relatively few and far between.

If you don’t have access to an indoor golf facility, then you should at least attempt to find a covered driving range. That way you are able to keep practicing your swing while keeping dry, if not always that warm!

Within winter you will take a lot longer to loosen up. Make sure you warm up properly so that your muscles can work effectively. Remember you should never stretch a cold muscle – that will lead to injury. Warm upwards with light calisthenics, and then do some light stretching to gently get the muscles ready. Begin your practice session with short shots, working up to the bigger more powerful swings. The previous thing you want to do is overdo it and put yourself away of action!

If you can escape onto the course, remember to go through the proper warm upwards session, and then take it easy out there! Take an extra club and play easy best winter golf gear. Wintertime is not always the best time to push for lower scores. You could have extra clothes on restricting your swing. The course is wet or cold. Typically the ball does not fly or roll as much as in summer. Therefore make sensible adjustments for the conditions.

It might audio daft, but going through soft swing motions regularly can help in maintaining “muscle” memory. It keeps the golf swing muscles working in order that you don’t “suffer” first time out. Do not swing fast, swing with ‘form’. Make it great. Imagine you are on the course, visualize the shot, and try and make a perfect golf swing. It is amazing how much this can help.

Yes, get a putter away, and putt up and down the carpet! This is one part of the game it is possible to do inside to ingrain your method. Putt to a mug on its side. Try and ‘hole’ the basketball without turning the mug. It gives you great touch and teaches you to see and putt along an aligned line.

What ever conditions the next thunderstorm throws at you, just keeping ticking over through winter months. It will give you a major advantage at the beginning of the season proper over those that packed up for winter.